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Welcome to the Sonic Kingdom! We have a bunch of cool stuff, including a video magazine, Sonadow, Sonic, music, comics and a convention! Go ahead and take a look around. Check out the General News section to see what's new. Don't forget to leave a comment!

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Chaos Blast Magazine
A video magazine talking about the latest news and Sonic themed content (coming soon)

Sonadow Online
An 18+ site dedicated to Sonic and Shadow (dead, being revamed soon)

Sonic Kingdom
An interactive website to learn more about Sonic and his world (coming soon)

Sonic Radio
Sonic music! Listen and check out podcasts! (dead, coming back soon)

The home of Sonic fan artist Sonic Remix. Check out art and comics here (dead, coming back soon)

Sonic Revolution
The yearly Sonic convention held in Los Angeles every summer! (site dead, coming back soon)

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Home Page: 04/25/2020

General News:

Greetings, Sonic fans! I hope Sonic Kingdom will become a hub for a large number of Sonic media needs!

It's going to take time to get all the sections back up. Please bear with me! Here are some of the planned updates.

April 26th - May 2nd:

Please be patient with me, there is a lot of things to cover, and I'm always working, so I don't have time for websites and other things as I used to have.

See you guys next time, thanks for visiting!

~Sonic Remix

Also, you guys can find me on Discord on the Sonic Revolution and Sonadow servers. I'm on as Sonic Remix or Sonic.

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